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Upcoming retreats and workshops:

Returning to The Spiritual Heart Songline Retreat
Dear divine being, it is time.

It is time to get to know yourself again and fall deeply in love with the divinity in you, as you. 

It is time to break free from the shackles of modern-day life, listen to your heart's calling as you nurture your spiritual health.

It is time to unravel your most authentic self and discover wisdom deep within.

Our Days Together

Over five incredible days, we will dive deep into your spiritual being through ancient channelled songs, teachings, meditation, movement and art. One of our exclusive private tours will be guided by a local Anangu person, where we will have the unique opportunity to awaken the heart and soul out on country where the spirit of our heart's centre lies.

Our travels together will take us to the physical representation and energy centre of the spiritual heart of Uluru, including Kata Tjuta and Attila. These three mountains are the heart of the songlines of creation, from where the Great Central Desert represents the beginning of the spiritual heart (creation) for our planet earth.

Please know our Itinerary will be open to change in regards to location and weather conditions on the day. We will be in the Divine Flow and I will be listening to where we need to be for activations and attunements to be received in Divine Order.

There truly is no place like Uluru for such a spiritual awakening and deeply connective experience. 

Hearing the Dreamtime creation stories in the place where they began activates an awareness unlike no other. It weaves into your soul the ability to see yourself as creation and allows a life lived in freedom at every level.

The place of our unique retreat, the heart centre of our land, is the gateway to receive and awaken to higher dimensional consciousness within your own spiritual heart. It is a significant place on our earth that forms part of the lay lines holding creation stories from the beginning of time and with them the very essence of creation herself.

According to the local Anangu people, Uluru is the site of the 'Tjukurpa' dreaming, where the ancestral beings created the world as we know it. Through connecting with the spirit of the sacred land of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Attila, the ancient ancestor's wisdom and creation stories strengthen your relationship to creation as your I AM presence.

I am blessed with the gift of guiding you, divine being, into your heart’s centre so you can return back to love feeling grounded and at ease with your life.

Returning to the Spiritual Heart was created to:
   ❤️Offer space to hear your heart’s deepest callings and unravel your true calling in this world
   ❤️Allow you to experience the timelessness of the desert to explore your spiritual heart, what that means, how that looks and how that feels within you
   ❤️ Help you define how your spiritual heart can be expressed in your everyday life
   ❤️Ground your soul and spiritual heart more into your body so you can move with greater ease and grace into your life
   ❤️ Activate soul gifting, ready to be lived
   ❤️ Integrate your head and heart space
   ❤️ Embody more of your soul and connect to the creative force that lives within you
   ❤️Strengthen your connection to your I AM

You will leave our spiritual retreat with:
   An opening to a deeper love and connection to yourself
   An understanding of the soul-body connection in relation to our Mother Earth
   Activations for your soul for the next chapter of your life, ready to be lived
   Ongoing support in grounding your soul journey
   An integrated understanding of yourself as the creator, I AM presence
   A place of freedom within yourself
   An inner strength to live from the heart and what that means

Past Retreats

Heather Jean
Hi, I am Heather Jean, 

and I am honoured to guide you on this journey of reconnection and song. 
From a young age, I have been drawn to the spiritual world. I would often talk to the moon and stars, and have visions, dreams and conversations with spirit as you would another person. As time went on, I felt a need to push this part of me aside until I once again became awakened and driven to follow my life's true calling. 
Join me on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening to find your purpose and know yourself as the creator. Learn what it is like to truly live through the heart, and connect to your spiritual centre to thrive in your truth - your I AM - in this world.

Return to your spiritual heart in the physical source of divinity here on planet earth - magical Uluru.

For 5 days unplug yourself from the reality as you know it and journey into the Dreamtime, and discover the universal intelligence that lies within at our divine spiritual retreat.

Call me on 0419 908 776Message me on FacebookEmail me to find out more
Day 1

Our day together will begin with settling in and free time to switch your mind from your busy life outside to that of calm and tranquillity. We will then begin our retreat with an award-winning dining experience, the Sounds of Silence Dinner. As the sun sets, listen to the sound of a didgeridoo, before enjoying a gourmet buffet of Australian delicacies under the stars in the free, open desert surroundings. Following our welcome dinner, sit back and relax with a star talker as they take you on a tour of the night sky as you let your mind wander above and set your intentions for the coming days.

Day 2

Today we will rise early for an exclusive private Uluru Highlights Tour. Our guide will take us to a special location to watch the sunrise of majestic Uluru as you enjoy your outback picnic breakfast.

Afterwards, we will take a walk along the Mutitjulu Waterhole on the Kuniya Walk and learn the Creation stories of Liru (poisonous snake) and Kuniya (python). We will drive around the base of Uluru and hear the story of the Mala people before returning to the resort.

Following rest and recuperation at the resort, we will enjoy time for channelled teachings, meditations and inner journaling on your experience with your spiritual heart before dinner at the Bough House. 

Day 3 

We will again rise early for a beautiful sunrise tour of Kata Tjuta and Walpa Gorge.  Your tour will travel through the landscape to the entrance of Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. From there is it a 40 kilometres journey through the desert landscape to the mighty rock formation.

On arrival at the viewing area,you walk to the best vantage point to see the 36 domes that comprise this spiritual place while watching the suns morning glow as the desert comes alive.

We make our way to the western side of Kata Tjuta where you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy an outback picnic breakfast. As you approach the entrance to Walpa Gorge, named for the wind (Walpa) that whistles between the massive domes that shape Kata Tjuta, the result of eons of weathering and continual upheaval, your guide will share the significance of this men’s sacred ceremonial site.

We take a stroll between these mighty conglomerate rock walls as your guide explains how the environment and the geology have evolved over millions of years.

Your guide will return to your accommodation at Ayers Rock Resort.

Later in the afternoon,we will regroup for teaching time, then head to an early dinner at the beautiful Mangata Bistro & Bar.

Day 4 

On the fourth day, breakfast will be served at the resort for you to enjoy at your leisure. We will then meet for a Mt Connor self-drive adventure tour and picnic lunch at Attila (Mt Conner Viewing area) 100km away. 

Once we arrive, we will find a place for meditation and connection to this amazing monolith. The monolith itself is on private land, but we will be able to see Attila and connect within to her diamond frequencies of the sacred Divine from afar. 

After our meditation, we have the option to travel the Mala Walk on our way back to the resort before sunset. Here we will visit ancient campsites, view incredible rock art and learn how the Anangu lived in days gone by. We also have the opportunity to enter the caves where the Mala (rufous hare-wallaby) people camped when they first arrived on this land and witness the cave where they prepared their meals. 

We will then close our day with a beautiful dinner.

Day 5 


On our final day together, a full buffet breakfast will be served at the Ilkari Restaurant. 

After breakfast, we will head to the Cultural Centre at the base of Uluru for a Maraku dot painting class with a local Anangu person guiding us through the Aboriginal symbols and painting techniques. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sit in stillness out on country as you paint your connection to the spiritual heart of Uluru and create something sacred to take home.

After spending time at the Cultural Centre, you will be able to purchase lunch at the cafe before we head back to the resort for free time, before meeting again for our closing ceremony and sunset dinner as a group.

Day 6 

Enjoy a 5 star buffet breakfast before your airport transfers.

Call and book before March 6th 2020 for an early bird registration special*

Call me on 0419 908 776

* Conditions Apply

Previous Retreats

The Pathway to Enlightenment Retreat

Walking the path to living Love
includes Lionsgate Whale Tour

AUGUST 5th to 8th, 2019 (4 DAYS)
(Registrations Closing Soon 2 spots left)

OCTOBER 11th,12th and 13th, 2019 (3 DAYS)

OCTOBER 25th to 27th, 2019 (3 DAYS)

The Vastness of your mutidimential self is infinite … along with your natural gifting.

Together with the Sacred Mothers we will be sharing ancient teachings through the mystery schools for the opening to a deeper level of love, connection and embodiment of your sacred self.

In this retreat you will

?Open and explore the vastness of your heart and soul.
?Unlock your creative potential and uncover parts of yourself intuitively you have known are there all along.
?Reawaken to your love for Self/Oneness
You have been born with a divine blueprint for your life and a divine life path that is calling to be reawakened, embraced and lived.

It is time now to strengthen your connection to your soul and the spiritual family/linage guiding you back to oneness.

This journey of connection becomes strengthen through the embodiment of the Feminine and Masculine Christ Consciousness you are.

In this retreat you will receive

Activations and initiations awakening you to parts of your gifting waiting to be lived.

These teachings you will not have heard before as they are through the awakening and initiations the mothers have directly guided me through to embodiment, I will be channelling them through this connection of oneness.

You will be introduced to these Ascended Masters that are working with you and strengthen your connection through a direct connection with them as your mentors.

Gain a confidence in your channel through deciphering what is from the higher consciousness and what is from the ego conditioned mind.

It really doesn’t matter what your call to service is on the planet it is your own spiritual evolution that creates the transformation in yourself and therefore others.

If you are wanting peace on earth and to share your message, the embodiment of the learnings is what allows the power of light to illuminate what is there for your healing as well as the healing of others.

You are the microcosm in the macrocosm 

This is a personal journey between you and your God/universal self.

Coming back to oneness and assisting others on the path starts with YOU
In this retreat  you will receive

‣ Channelled teachings from the masters and how to connect with the Mothers and other ascended masters and guides working with you.

 Initiations from the Mothers

‣ Activation of your DNA that is ready to awaken

‣ tools on how to navigate through the shadows or dark times that will come up to be transformed and bought back into love.

‣ learn to channel and how to raise your vibration

‣ Using sound and tone to clear energy within yourself and others.

‣ begin to heal the split of the Masculine and Feminine self with in

‣ strengthen your connection to your soul blueprint and learn to open and channel your natural gifting

‣ Lions Gate 8:8 Spiritual Tour with the beautiful Humpback whales who hold the memory of the Akashic Records within their very DNA. (Broome Retreat Only)

We will be doing meditation and sound healing with the whales on a stunning sunset cruise to finish of the retreat.

Takeaways from this time shared

A deeper understanding about yourself as a multi dimensional being of light and the power you literally have to transform your life and live the life of your dreams and more.

Tools to build on your spiritual connection and journey with the guides working with you.

How to set your space with alters that anchor the higher vibrational energy into your home and workspace.

A guide to living your life purpose

Tools and techniques to deepen the feeling of peace within your body

Meditation on the soul

How to receive your own answers to questions within the unknown and not yet lived on the planet.

If reading this is calling your heart please contact me for registration via email or phone 0419908776

There will be a registration process and a criteria to meet for this retreat.

10AM TO 4.00 PM 
August 8th Finishing with the Lions Gate Whale Tour at 6.30pm

$1100 this is all inclusive of the whale tour and GST ( Payment Plans and credit Cards available )
Not inclusive of airfare or accommodation

Deposit $330

Beirut, Lebanon
Pricing and times to be confirmed

Pricing and times to be confirmed
Message me on FacebookEmail me to find out more

Whispering Womb Weekend Workshops

MAY 4th & 5th NEW MOON  /  OCT 26th & 27th NEW MOON

Dive deep into the transformative energy of the womb and open doorways into higher states of consciousness.  Grounding into your womb space brings peace and the nurturing of nature to support you on your journey into love. Nourish your soul and surrender your body into deep rest.

What you will explore and receive:
  • Returning to love of the self 
  • Ways to self -care
  • Open to your creativity
  • Love your body
  • 2 xs sound healing journeys 
  • 2 xs meditations 
  • Hidden gifts waiting to be uncovered and created.
  • The Alchemy of creation
  • Creative Journaling time 
  • Channelled teachings
  • Channelled Writing 
  • Reclaim your sacred power of your voice
Venue: Held in the beautiful South-West of Western Australia
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JUNE 2020 - (5 DAYS, 4 NIGHTS) - BALI, Indonesia

Take time to come back to yourself, listen and feel deeper into the song your heart and soul. Relax, Reflect, Retreat, Rejuvenate Taking time out for you to re connect to the song in your heart is so important to living a healthy, balanced life, living on purpose.

In this retreat you will dive deeper into love for yourself and heal the aspects within yourself wanting to he heard, lived and celebrated now. Its time to make you the priority.
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